Buckthorn Ranch

Walkerton, Indiana

Brian J Warner

(574) 213-4958


Buckthorn Ranch

"More Doe for your Buck"

The heart of our business is making great meat goats.  If you don't make a great meat goat, then you can't think about selling breeding stock to anyone else.

Our goal is to produce hearty, thrifty replacement does that give you "sleep all night" kidding, and fast growing kids.

Our next kid crop is due April 2019.  This crop will be mostly 50% Savanna x Kiko commercial doelings.  Bucklings are weaned at ten weeks and evaluated for Sire potential.  Doelings run with the herd for six months.  After the doelings survive two rounds of culls they will be available in October 2019. We may have a few adult does with doelings along side for sale in July depending on our total numbers.

Doelings - $325

Adult Does - $425

Bucks - $500

Check out our Facebook page for the most up to date listing of what we have available for purchase.All our goats are offered on a first come first served basis.  We maintain no waiting list and hold no deposits.  Schedule your farm visit and select your goats in person.

A group of 75% Savanna yearlings Sired by BHF Honcho

50% Savanna x Kiko doeling, Sired by BHF Honcho

Irish Dexter Cattle

Savanna & Kiko Meat Goats

Buckthorn Ranch LLC

Commercial Buck Prospect Sired by BHF Honcho