Buckthorn Ranch

Walkerton, Indiana

Brian J Warner

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We maintain around 40 breeding does.  Those does are Kiko, Savanna, and Savanna-Kiko Crosses, and they have one thing in common.  They survived our culling process in a harsh environment that wasn't really meant for goats. In order to keep on being a Buckthorn Ranch Breeding doe, you must satisfy the following criteria each kidding cycle.

  • Have twins or greater (first timers are allowed a single only if the kid is big)
  • Be in the top 80% of Average Daily Gain
  • Be parasite tolerant
  • No foot problems
  • Get along well with the Livestock Guardian Dogs and owner

As you can see, we run a performance based herd.  We don't worry too much about udders, as that gets considered into the average daily gain of the kids.  For Savanna goats, we don't care too much about skin pigment, color or ear length, as those traits don't drive the performance of our herd.  We do like black horns and hoofs, as black hooves seem to be harder and require less trimming. 

We expect our does to thrive on pasture and browse. However, we do use feed, at a rate of 0.25 lbs per head, a few weeks prior to breeding and when the snow gets over our knees. We feed free choice grass hay and mineral year round.

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