Our Herd

We maintain a herd of around 50 head that are operated in two herds.  Our main herd sire,  LPFM Lakeport Noble (ADCA #045176) is the foundation of our breeding program and we send his daughters over to a herd anchored by a Junior herd sire, currently Buckthorn SA Cainneach (ADCA #050440).  We rotate out the junior herd sire from time to time making those proven bulls available for purchase.

Our Breeding Program

We focus on traditional genetics.  Our cattle are are horned with the majority of our Cows being dehorned.  Great udders, good feet and easy handling are out priorities.  We have short legged and long legged cattle.  We like calves in the 35-45lb range. And we expect calving to happen without assistance.

We develop both beef and milk genetic lines. Generally, we select one first calf heifer a year to be trained as a milk cow and make those cows available for purchase. Often the calf along side is available as well.

Buckthorn Ranch LLC

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