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Our Guardian Pack is a combination of one female  Turkish Kangal and four Polish Tatra Sheep dogs. Our dogs face a large coyote population, as well as cougars, fox and racoons.

We believe it's important for them to be able to work in teams, so we always have at least two dogs with any group under protection.  Even when the herd is together, you see a division of labor in our pack.  When ever we hear coyotes in the back of the ranch, two dogs sprint to the threat, two stay with the goats and the last dog stays half way between the groups of two.

The Kangal, Petunia, is the alpha of the pack - she is a big dog. She runs like a greyhound and has a massive head.  She is designed to be a real coyote killer but her temperament is also the most gentle with the goats and people.  Our goat herd follows her wherever she goes. They sleep wherever she sleeps (usually outside) and follow her around the farm when she goes on patrol.

The Tatras are a great compliment to the Kangal. They are good coyote killers as well, but they also work as herd dogs.  Our females tend to be "traffic control".  They will bring the herd up to the paddocks by the Barn in the evening.  They sort out sick goats for us to inspect. And they tend to keep the smallest newborns in the paddocks around the barn until they have decided the kids are grown enough to be able to forage with the herd.  If it starts to rain or snow hard, they will run the herd into the barn (whether they want to go there or not....). 

We are't currently breeding but would be happy to discuss our dogs and what has worked for us.  Feel free to call Sheri (574-253-1327).