Buckthorn Ranch

Walkerton, Indiana

Brian J Warner

(574) 213-4958


Our ranch is located in an old river basin on what is principally muck ground.  This makes maintaining a goat herd challenging when considering parasites and wet feet are a goats biggest enemies.  

In addition to challenging the soil conditions, we are located in North East Indiana.  Large lake affect snows are commonplace.  At least a few times a year 12 inches of snow can hit the ground over a day or so.  Goats need to be hearty and thrifty in order to survive in our environment.

We produce top quality market kids in a browse and pasture-raised environment. We expect our does to kid unassisted, out on the pasture. We cull our doe herd after each kidding based upon the bottom 15-20% of Average Daily Gain, kidding unassisted and parasite tolerance.  

Over time we've found that Savanna, Kiko and Spanish does make good mothers.  We are biased to Savanna and Kiko based upon size, but we always use a Fullblood Savanna buck. In the end, a Savanna buck makes market kids that bring top money.

Call Brian (574-213-4958)  if you have any questions about our herd

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